Marine Hydrology and Tectonics

Marine Hydrology and Tectonics (PDF) This is a brief outline of the first project we conducted with the osmotically driven flux meter systems. The were deployed within Ocean Botton Seismometers  (LeRoy Dorman’s) on the forearc of the Costa Rica Subduction System. The flux meters inject a tracers into the water flowing through a chamber embedded in the sea bed. the dilution of … Read More

Earthquake Physics: Initiation and Propagation of Earthquakes

Please expand figures to view content. This project seeks to evaluate the frictional weakening mechanisms associated with the nucleation of unstable slip and eventual propagation of earthquake ruptures. Slip rates on faults during nucleation are low <0.1 mm/s but greatly accelerate to between 1-10 m/s during rupture. The rupture front propagate at km/s and generates destructive shaking.       … Read More